Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Welcome athletes and supporters!

Welcome athletes and supporters!

I use the word "athlete" in the title very purposely here.  Even if you've never done anything like this before, if you've never even given it the slightest thought before, even if you're out of shape, overweight, and haven't run a mile since the 3rd grade, you can cross that finish line of a half marathon.  And once you do that, not only will you be a half marathoner for the rest of your days but you'll also be an athlete!

Everyone comes to Girl Power 2 Cure from a different direction, but almost all of us share being affected by Rett Syndrome.  By signing up with GP2C, you are helping fund research that is vital to finding a cure.  You may think it's no big deal and your part can't be significant, but when you see an entire hotel ballroom full of people just like you the night before the race, you'll realize every single person there is significant, vital even!  So if you've already signed up, fantastic, get ready for an adventure that you'll remember for the rest of your life.

And if you're just thinking about signing up and are scared about the fundraising or the training (everyone is scared of at least 1 of those 2 things!), we've got a great support system to help you succeed!  Will it be easy?  No, but it's also very doable.  The way I always put it, if it wasn't a little scary then it wouldn't be memorable.  "What did you do last weekend?"  "Oh, I dropped off the dry cleaning, washed the dog, and ran a half marathon, how about you?"  But the fact that it's a big challenge, scary, something you may not be certain you can accomplish, that's what gives you that life-long remembered moment when you cross the finish line with a huge grin on your face.

Now you don't know me and so might be asking (rightfully so!) how is this guy so certain that I can do this?  Over the years, I've coached over 1,000 people who all felt the exact same feelings you're feeling right now, these are regular people working jobs, raising families, people who have never done anything like a half marathon ever in their life before. Of all of those people who I've coached that started the race, 98% of them crossed the finish line.  You buy lottery tickets with a heck of a lot worse odds than that!

I'll get into the actual training philosophy in the next post where I'll describe how we'll get you to the starting line in one piece, and how you'll get yourself across that finish line with a smile on your face.  And if you'd like to ask me anything directly, I can always be reached at gary@girlpower2cure.org


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